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Unity Reflect helps you win more projects, conduct immersive reviews, and connect design and construction, all with our BIM coordination software. Bring multiple BIM models with all their metadata to real-time 3D and maintain a live link between them. You can also create your own real-time BIM applications and customize the user experience by building on top of Unity Reflect.
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What is Unity Reflect?

Whether you’re a developer or an architect, a designer or a building engineer who has never touched a line of code, you can use Unity Reflect to transfer your BIM data into real-time experiences on a range of devices and in AR and VR. It takes one click to bring multiple Revit models with all their BIM metadata to real-time 3D and maintain a live link between them. And because Unity at its core is a development platform, you can also create differentiated real-time BIM applications and customize the user experience by building on top of Unity Reflect with the Unity Editor. Ultimately, Unity Reflects can help you win more projects, conduct immersive design reviews, and bridge the gap between design and construction.

Why was Unity Reflect created?

Our conversations with hundreds of companies across the AEC industry made one thing abundantly clear: creating real-time 3D experiences has been anything but a real-time, turnkey process. Highly technical teams were required to juggle multiple tools and take dozens of steps that stretched across days and even weeks to prepare and optimize BIM data for these experiences. Even after all that painstaking effort, much of the BIM data didn’t transfer with the geometry, creating additional work. It’s no surprise then that few design projects make it to real-time 3D, and too few BIM models make it to the construction site. In an industry where time is of the essence and where projects require thousands of iterations and collaboration across many disciplines, this existing workflow was a nonstarter for most firms. We sought to make it easy to unlock the value of BIM data by building a seamless integration with our real-time technology.

How it works

Unity Reflect keeps everyone on the same page to streamline communication, speed up iteration, and drive better decisions. With a live link to the original BIM models, you’re always collaborating in real-time. You can use Unity Reflect to bring Revit, Navisworks, SketchUp, and Rhino projects into the Unity Editor, making real-time BIM a reality by enabling AEC stakeholders:
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How are AEC firms using Unity Reflect?

Adam Chernick and Christopher Morse from SHoP Architects’ interactive visualization team share why Unity Reflect is “a very, very welcome technology” for their firm.

The extensibility of Unity Reflect offers a powerful proposition: the ability to develop any application you need to solve your project’s specific problems.

SHoP Architects, one of our beta customers, is a New York City-based firm that has designed U.S. embassies around the world and the Uber headquarters in San Francisco. Depending on the particular issue their design teams are working on, from interior design to traffic management, Unity gives them the flexibility to build the right tool, whether that’s a desktop application, an immersive VR walkthrough, or a mobile augmented reality (AR) app.

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