Project BIM Coordinator

Bim Coordination Services

Our Bim Coordination Services help you develop a coordinated construction model. We work with you and other trades to identify clashes, perform constructability reviews and participate in regular coordination meetings.

The BIM Coordinator will responsible for coordinating the BIM project, assisting in setting up the BIM protocol, testing the various aspect models and communicating them with all the people involved.
Some of the functions we can deliver are:
  • assigning discovered geometric collisions to appropriate persons responsible for a given model,
  • re-view collision reports with relevant project team members,
  • update collision reports and sending them to the project management,
  • creating a 4D simulation of the workflow on site,
  • verifying if the information entered in the model is correct,
  • verifying if all exported data from the model are complete and accurate,
  • ensure that the model parameters are compliant with the BEP,
  • creating and adjusting design templates in modelling tools,
  • creating solutions to improve the workflow with models,
  • creating element families or an internal element library within the project,
We hereby confirm that Modena Design Centers are a provider of BIM manager services to our organization. These services include an advanced upskilling training program, Project BIM health checks, the formulation of revit templates and the verification of the parametric integrity of revit families. In addition to these services, Modena provide strategic advice relating to the BIM environment and are our Autodesk software resellers. We are very satisfied that the services that Modena provide, add value to our group of companies.
Mike Rossiter
Owner - Stauch Vorster Architects

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