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What's new - 25 - 29 May

Come join us for Autodesk What’s New in 2021 software webinar week ! Register for any one or all of our short webinars to find out what's new. There are 10 webinars in total form 25-29 May There will be two webinars per day from Monday to Friday. The first webinar will be at 12:00 followed by a different topic at 14:00 on the same day. Register for all the webinars featured during our webinar week!


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What's new - 25 - 29 May webinar replay

Did you miss any of our webinars from the What's New webinar series? No problem! We recorded the webinars and have made them available for replay. You can watch any or all of the webinars that we presented from 25 - 29 May. You can get the full playlist here.


Connect to 5D Estimating with Sigma

Sigma keeps you truly connected by giving you access to 5D Estimating information that allows you to pass project information from the (2D) plans / (3D) modeling and 4D schedule of the overall construction project.


Business as (un)usual.

We are here to help. Find out how to get set up to work from home or anywhere outside of your office utelising BIM360.


City Series Civil webinar

THURSDAY - 16th April 2020. Civil 3D, Revit Structure & the integration between Civil and Structure.
FIRST Session: 10:00 – 11:00. SECOND Session: 12:00 – 13:00.


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