BIM Manager

One size certainly does not fit all when it comes to a firm and their use of BIM. 
We  find that firms that work with clients that demand BIM are usually further along than companies with clients that don’t. 
Our BIM Managers are software professional, with an in-depth knowledge Revit, Navisworks, and BIM 360 as a minimum
Modena BIM managers understand BIM Execution Plans. And will guide your firm in writing BIM Execution plans for you firm as well as executive a digital way of working strategy.
The BIM Manager will assist with:
Our outsourced BIM Manager is the ideal starting point for your firm in your journey towards BIM.
Having several years of experience in realised BIM projects around the world, Boogertman + Partners is actively pioneering developments in BIM processes to achieve our deliverables on every project. Without Modena’s excellent service and support we would not be able to achieve this.
Anton Koekemoer
Boogertman + Partners (Pty) Ltd
Unity Reseller

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