3D Laser Scanning for Architecture

Laser scanning is fundamentally changing the world of architecture and construction. As the digital revolution evolves, numerous traditional processes across the industry are being made redundant.

Together with FARO we offer a seamless solution and workflow for capturing existing as-builts efficiently and accurately with full detail, complex geometries, insufficient documentation and areas with limited access make 3D laser scanning the ideal method to collect complete data.

This technology and the complimentary workflow provides tangible, practical benefits throughout the building project. With 3D laser scanning you have access to more precise models than any other methods, showing the exact locations of some of the more ‘complex’ features of a building project. The benefit of improved efficiency will substantially reduce rework, which in turn will significantly lower costs.
Laser scanning and the reality capture workflow is already fully integrated into current technology and is scalable to projects of all sizes and complexities, from documenting a simple floorplan, or home to the as-built conditions for a multi-million dollar reconstruction project, no job is too big or too small for laser scanning.

During the building process and as a project evolves, the data collected through 3D laser scanning can be compared against new drawings for quality assurance. Using laser scanning throughout the entire process means the new development will have data recorded for key stages in the project’s progression. This information monitoring and capture is helpful after construction is completed and during maintenance of the building or site. Managers can quickly refer back to the original model or the initial scans at any time to see exactly where project elements are located and when they were placed. The scanned data can also provide a rich source of data for asset management during the life cycle of the project.

Utilizing FARO hardware and software enables designers to be cost effective in delivering real world information into BIM models. Architects and construction engineers benefit by intuitive workflows for precise extraction of BIM elements such as ground surfaces, walls, pipes, roofs or stairs from point cloud data directly into Autodesk Revit®.

Keeping this long-term strategic perspective in mind during an integrated design-build project is truly a game-changer for the industry. With the obvious benefits of this technology, an investment of time and money in the 3D laser scanning industry is essential for professionals in the AEC space.

Model Point Cloud

Noeleen Foster

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Model Point Cloud
Model Point Cloud

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