LOD Planner Smart Lean BIM Workflow

What if together we could easily plan and visually scope BIM projects on a single dedicated and simple platform?
LOD Planner is for BIM Professionals to craft lean and integrated
  • 1) BIM Execution Plans
  • 2) BIM Scopes
  • 3) BIM Contracts
  • 4) Easily manage BIM projects
… in minutes, not days.

What is LOD Planner?

We believe in Owners, Architects, Engineers, and Contractors agreeing on BIM
We believe in simple BIM planning
We believe in crafting a beautiful and visual BIM management platform
Create your free BIM Execution Plan now
LOD Planner has built 3 integrated BIM Management modules:
  • The Plan Module allows you to create the fastest and most collaborative BIM Execution Plan ever.
  • The Scope Module allows flexible and visual BIM scoping to easily communicate the right BIM development for your project BIM uses.
  • The Flow Module jumpstarts the execution of your BIM workflow – using the already agreed scope – to plan the optimum sequence of tasks and track what’s actually getting done.
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